Sustainable Improvement and Indepency


No matter which field our client is from, our primary mission is to accomplish two goals:

  • to create a change to improve
  • to deliver the right tools for a sustainable success without our help – independency

Our valued corporate clients perform their businesses in the sports market. DAASM CONSULTING helps to improve efficiency in penetrating the market by suggesting those very product modifications, which the consumers will appreciate as supreme and ahead of the competitors’ solutions. Choose us and leave average behind.

DAASM Consulting guarantees full satisfaction with

  • Product Development – Let us give you the other view on your work and inspire you to create a unique selling point that will catapult your business forward.
  • Wear and field tests – Together with your product managers, we embed a reliable test phase into your timeline. Under extreme conditions of peak performing sports, we find the weaknesses and turn them into unique strengths of your product.
  • Speaker Services – Give us your topic and we will give you a top speaker, who will capture your audience with an informative and inspiring talk. We turn science into entertainment.

With the help of modern assessment tools, DAASM has been collecting valuable data since 2004, which have resulted into the delivery of state of the art solutions to help your business the way we have been helping world class and olympic level.

Talk to us and we will introduce the concept, which meets your demands, not ours.


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